Treatment Outcomes

Treatment Outcomes List of Treatment Outcomes

# Code Name Dataset
1 C Cured DSTB
2 D Died DSTB
3 F Treatment Failed DSTB
4 LTFU Lost to Treatment Follow-up DSTB
5 MT4 Move to Category 4 DSTB
6 NC Still on Treatment DSTB
7 TC Treatment Completed DSTB
8 TO Transferred Out DSTB
9 C Cured DRTB
10 D Died DRTB
11 F Treatment Failed DRTB
12 TC Treatment Completed DRTB
13 NC Still on Treatment DRTB
14 TO Transferred Out DRTB
15 MT4 Move To TB 4 DRTB
16 NTB Not a TB Case DRTB
17 LTFU Lost to Treatment Follow-up DRTB
18 RFT Released From Treatment LEPROSY
19 TNC Treatment not Completed LEPROSY
21 TO Transfer Out LEPROSY
22 LTFU Lost to Treatment Follow-up LEPROSY
23 NC Still on treatment LEPROSY